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25 Apr 2017

Ubuntu 16.10 LXC host on ZFS Root, with EFI and Time Machine

Still completely unrelated to boats, but I needed somewhere to put this. Here is a blow-by-blow guide to installing a minimal Ubuntu 16.10 to a ZFS root, booted from EFI, which as used as a LXC host to act as an Apple "Time Machine" destination.
mike 25 Apr 2017 at 17:20
14 Mar 2017

How to connect any serial device to the internet

A completely generic script that will proxy serial devices over HTTP, turning USB-things into internet-things.
mike 14 Mar 2017 at 23:00
25 Oct 2016

Climbing the Mast

In which the author is required to remedy five minutes of inattention a year ago by spending several hours and a few hundred pounds on a moderately hazardous activity, before trying to reframe the whole event as some sort of achievement.
mike 25 Oct 2016 at 17:00
10 Jul 2015

Masthead Complete

The mast has a lot going on at the top and I didn't want to start peppering it with holes to mount the various bits of hardware that are going up there, so I got a plate lasercut out of 6mm Aluminium - now I have discovered laser cutting, I'm finding new uses for it everywhere I look. With the plate safely on my workbench I could then trial fit, align (critical ...
mike 10 Jul 2015 at 12:00
06 Jul 2015

Progress Report, July 2015

There has been so much going on over the last few months that updating this has been a chore I've postponed. However I've been chatting to a few other F-boat folk recently and have been startled to learn that people are reading this drivel and, worse, getting ideas from it. I can't stress enough that the purpose of this blog is not to educate, but to serve as a warning t...
mike 06 Jul 2015 at 12:20